Rio 2016™ Olympic Podiums

In 2016, Rio de Janeiro hosted the XXXI Olympic Games. Invited by the Organizing Committee as a product designer specifically for this project, I had the unique opportunity (and the huge responsibility) to develop a modular podium system for the medal ceremonies. It had to be light (easily carried and quickly assembled by few people) yet strong (safely supporting from 1 up to 18 athletes per medal); it also had to be built with sustainable materials and allow other usages after the event. Symbolically, it should express the joy of victory and the celebration of sports, with its colors and laser cut elements being part of the Games' visual identity. The platforms were produced with certified reforestation wood and decorated with native coastal plants. It is estimated by the IOC that about half of the world population has watched the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games.
Olympic Medal Podium (single)
Olympic Medal Podium (double)
Olympic Medal Podium (triple)

Olympic Medal Ceremony. Image: ® Rio 2016 | Gabriel Nascimento

Rio 2016™ Paralympic Podiums

Following the Olympic competition, the major international sports event for athletes with disabilities, the Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games were a huge success, with over 2 million tickets sold. Particularly, designing the Paralympic podium system was an even greater honour and responsibility. Besides all the basic requirements from the Olympic version (i.e. modularity, easy assembly, materials and so on), the platforms for the Paralympic medal ceremonies had an extensive list of specificities and constraints, which made the puzzle even more challenging and exciting to solve. For example, they had to be low, but clearly higher than the ground level; with the adequate surface area for maneuver; ready for ramps with the proper inclination for wheelchairs; and with flaps/backstops for the athletes’ safety. The graphics and ornaments were part of the Paralympic Games visual identity.
Paralympic Medal Podium (single)
Paralympic Medal Podium (double)
Paralympic Medal Podium – carpet version (3 modules per medal)
Paralympic Medal Podium – carpet version (7 modules per medal)

Paralympic Medal Ceremony. Image: ® Rio 2016 | Alexandre Vidal
Olympic and Paralympic Podiums' assembly manuals

Rio 2016™ Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Dalcacio da Gama Reis (project manager);
Julia Haiad (graphic designer);
Diana Fidelis (product designer);
Rico Bacellar (invited product designer).

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