Inside the truck
What is electric energy?
Video about how electricity is produced at hydroelectric power plants and transmitted to people's houses. Along with that, visitors can rotate three cranks in order to transform mechanical into electric energy and compare the efficiency of different light bulb technologies (incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED).
Is it safe or not?
A backlit rotating disc depicts various situations involving potentially dangerous usages of electric energy. The visitor chooses a scene and checks if it is 'safe or not' by pressing either a green or a red button. A feedback voice recording explains why the answer was right or wrong, and warns about the risks of incautious electric power handling.
Is it safe or not? – detail
Is it safe or not? – illustration detail
É seguro ou não é? – detalhe da ilustração

Is it safe or not? – illustration detail

Is it safe or not? – illustration detail

LIGHT and Rio de Janeiro
An interactive exhibit about the history of the electric company and its comprehensiveness in the state of Rio.

LIGHT and Rio de Janeiro – detail

Our energy
Find out the average amount of electric energy consumed by one person per day in the state.

Our energy – illustration detail

Our energy – detail

Energy saving hints
Interactive LIGHT energy bill
The paths of energy
From high to low voltage, an interactive scale model shows how electricity travels from power plants to people's houses throughout transmission wires and substations. A day/night simulation makes the city lights turn on and off according to the brightness level of the scene.​​​​​​​
The paths of energy – detail of a low-income family house and its main electrical appliances.
The paths of energy – control panel detail
Switches can be turned on and off to simulate the average electrical energy consumption by a low-income household.
The paths of energy – detail of a hydroelectric power plant and a substation.
The paths of energy – detail of a low-income district and its transmission wires.
The paths of energy – detail
The paths of energy – detail
PLANETA LIGHT is a traveling exhibition organized by the electric company of Rio de Janeiro – LIGHT. The truck visits communities and schools throughout the state, providing information to the public about generation, distribution and consumption of electric energy. Through fun, interactive games and exhibits, kids and adults also learn about safety issues, energy saving and how to understand their bill.
Team: MBA Cultural
Coordination: Marcia Brandão
Graphic design: Bruno Ventura
Product design: Rico Bacellar, Rogerio Cherem e Breno Tomaz de Aquino
Illustrations: Renan Cardoso

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