'Wayfinding', 'educational' and 'look' elements (floor decals, lollipops, banners, post signs, flags, wall panels, gantries, towers and many other products) have been placed in key spots on the fan's routes to the Maracanã Stadium (surrounding streets; Copacabana beach; airports; bus, train and subway stations).
Thank to the productivity system implemented in this project, more than 520 individual artworks have been created and more than 2100 directional signs have been installed in the city of Rio de Janeiro in less than 10 weeks.
CSM - ICON (www.icon-world.com)
Tátil Design de Idéias (www.tatil.com.br)
Business Director:
Luiz Mello
Design Team:
Gustavo Soares (project manager)
Rico Bacellar (head of design studio)
Silvia Araujo (designer)
Scoping team:
Simon Hatto
Ian Archer
Bruna Almeida
Marcelo Coelho (www.marcelocoelho.com)

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