Two interactive terminals were designed for this traveling exhibition:

The first one is a calculator that simulates an average monthly usage (in KWh and $), depending on the number of devices one has at home, that are literally "summed up" by the calculator.

The second, 'Right or Wrong', presents a number of daily situations which involve electricity usage issues that should be evaluated by the user as safe of unsafe.

"Consciência AMPLA sobre rodas" (AMPLA 'Awareness on the road')
Client: AMPLA (Endesa Brasil);
Year: 2010;
MBA Cultural team: 
Coordination: Marcia Brandão Alves;
Illustrations: Rico Bacellar; Tita Avendaño
2D planning/ UX/UI design: Rico Bacellar;
3D planning: Breno Tomaz de Aquino; Pedro Melo; Rico Bacellar;
Programming: Bruno Damasco.

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