With the loss of physical media and the introduction of streaming technologies, we spend too much time scrolling through lists of endless, mind-numbing options, ultimately turning us into "smartphone zombies". With this in mind, and our continuous efforts to create real human experiences through smart home technology, we have created something new that puts humans first. The SENIC Muse Blocks are NFC enabled physical tiles that perfectly combine the versatility of a CD/vinyl record and the flexibility of streaming.

All services that offer a link can be connected to the Muse Blocks, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Netflix, Apple Shortcuts, Youtube, Chrome, Safari and many more. Thanks to SENIC Save NFC, a free app developed in-house, users can freely choose and change which playlist or content to store on a Muse Block.

A variety of artsy designs that can also be beautifully combined to create a stunning piece of interior design with the help of the Art Bar. This bespoke ash wood bar can be mounted on a wall either horizontally or vertically, and holds up to seven Muse Blocks, which can be magnetically attached to it for easy access.

Simply hold a NFC enabled smartphone to one of the tiles and jump straight to a favorite music or movie; all without scrolling through endless apps and wasting time being stuck to a screen.

Additionally to carrying links to digital media content, the Muse Blocks can also act as shortcuts to favorite Phillips Hue lighting scenes, or triggers for any creative smart home actions, programmable using IFTTT, for instance.

Find our more at senic.co/museblocks


Developed at SENIC GmbH. Berlin, Germany, 2019–2021. 

Main tasks: 
Product management; Product discovery/ early stage development (concept; prototyping; material/suppliers research); Graphic Design; Automation; Testing; Assembly coordination.

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