Escuela Sólo Corazón (symbol)
Escuela Sólo Corazón (symbol + logo)
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Brand identity / logo for a Feng Shui school, based on concepts derived from the Chaos Theory, such as the "Butterfly Effect" and the "Strange Attractors".

Feng Shui, a traditional practice from ancient China, has been used for centuries as an attempt to benefit individuals by harmonizing the energy of their surrounding environments, specially focused on the internal organization of architectonic spaces.

The suggestion to correlate it with the metaphor of the "Butterfly Effect" ("a tornado may be caused by a butterfly flapping its wings weeks earlier, somewhere else in the globe") resides in the fact that the current state of any dynamical system is highly dependable on its initial conditions. This means that even the smallest change in the now can cause a huge impact in the future.
Due to their meaningful, dynamic aesthetics, the "Strange Attractors" were the main inspiration for this work. These are the mathematical and graphical description of the behavior of such fractal-structured chaotic systems, being the "Lorenz Attractor" the most famous amongst them, not coincidentally for its butterfly-like shape.

Given the name of the business, some "poetic license" was employed in the construction of a heart-like shaped form. The attractor was depicted in vigorous red brush strokes to represent the Chinese tradition. It is a symbol to represent the unpredictable, constant, dynamic flow of energy in life versus the active human efforts to predict, balance and control chaos.

Yuan Chen (Shú-Yuán Chén) is the founder of the Escuela Sólo Corazón in the West, where she teaches I Ching, Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and wellness.

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